Living The LOL Life Week 1

Living The LOL Life – Week 1
(Michael Santiago)

Matthew 16:24

Whoever wants to be my disciple (one who learns by experience) must deny themselves, (Faith: Risk it all through obedient living), take up their cross (Gods plan for their life) and follow me (Be led by the voice of the Father. His children know His voice because they have become familiar through experience).

  1.  Deny Yourself – How in control of your life are you?

Matthew 16:25
For whoever wants to save his (or her) life will lose it, but whoever loses (surrenders) their life for me will find it.

The art of self(ishness) – Matthew 16:26 what good will it be for someone to gain (selfishness) the whole world, yet lose their soul (their ability to be mentally and emotionally connected to God)?

As much as we fight the desire to be selfish, or self-centered, there will always be a (manipulated) need in us to look after number one. Not all of this is bad, but the majority of it is; in that selfishness is a bi-product of deception, which keeps us in control, too afraid to enjoy the benefits our heavenly Father gives us as sons.

How do I deny myself? Faith is the only ingredient needed to express a surrendered life. Like a (good) parent who will risk it all for a child, our heavenly Father gave us a perfect example of what Faith looks like in Jesus. If Jesus is the example of Faith, and God has given to each man a measure (portion) of faith; then it stands to reason that the measure is Jesus. If Jesus is the measure and God’s Spirit resides in us, then we have access to everything Jesus had, Jesus did, and Jesus said.

So, the only thing stopping us from denying ourselves (surrender) is … US.

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